PEGASUS MHG-111/W664P-08H, automation the operation of hemming on tubular goods


 HIGH CLASS    Bottom feed

Semi-automatic unit for hemming operation on tubular goods

Equipped with the automatic open-close pneumatic hemming guide

Use: Hemming unit


Stitch length adjustment: Dial

Differential feed ratio adjustment: Lever that can be adjusted intermittently during sewing

Lubrication: Fully-automtic

Max. machine speed(sti/min): 6,000

No. of needles: 3

No. of threads: 5

Needle space (mm): 5,6

Type of needle plate finger: B

Air consumption(ℓ/min): 50

Accessories: Guide for flat goods

Remarks: For light weight fabrics; Hem width 15mm〜40mm; Circumference of tubular goods 360mm